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“The Small Business Owner and The Copywriter”


Once upon a time, a hardworking Small Business Owner was doing okay (but perhaps not great).

They saved money by writing their own web content…  though traffic was slow

Their social media posts got plenty of likes…. when they offered a freebie

They used loads of keywords… but their site never showed up on Google

Their ideal customers were spending up big…. over with their competitors

Sales trickled in, but it was hard work. The days were getting longer. And they couldn’t figure out why things weren’t getting better.

They told everyone things were good. But inside, they felt defeated.

Sound familiar?

The Small Business Owner


Then one day, the Small Business Owner heard about the many wonders of copywriting.

It finally explained why they peddled so hard every day but went nowhere.

Turns out, cutting corners to save a dollar had cost the business far more in the long run.

It was time for a new plan.

So the Small Business Owner found the Copywriter who was professional, easy to work with, and clearly a superstar with words (guess who!?).

Then the digital content magic began:

Step 1 was getting to know their target audience.
Step 2 was nailing the right tone of voice and keywords.
Step 3 was putting their shiny new words out to the world.

The Copywriter


The result?

Website traffic began to skyrocket, as did all their business socials.

And before long, the Small Business Owner found they had more customer love than they knew what to do with.

What’s more, the whole process had been so darn simple.

For the first time in a long time, the Small Business Owner felt excited about the future. And relaxed about the present.

Finally, a dream realised.


Website Content Writer for Small Business Websites | Lea Farrow, Copywriter | Tasmania

I’m an Australian copywriter, specialising in SEO content, based on the North-West coast of Tasmania.

I’ve been writing stories since I first learned how to read them. And now I also write stand out words for small businesses around Australia.

If you’re looking for a content writer in Australia who can create compelling content for your business, you’re in the right place.

Not sure where to start?

Why not take a look at my services, or check out how I work.

For each client, I always start with an obligation-free call to help figure out what your business needs and how to make the most of your marketing budget.

So, when you’re ready, drop me an email.

Lea Farrow


As an experienced copywriter, I can help you become the go-to person in your industry with words that work for your business.

Stop worrying that boring will put you out of business.

I’ve been trained by industry experts. This means I’m ready to write professional copy for your business using proven techniques that’ll get you the best results.


I crafted my first public words over 30 years ago, and I’ve been writing for large online audiences for the past 7 years.

I’ve written for leading worldwide publications such as HuffPost, Mamamia, The Mighty, and Scary Mommy.

So you can be sure I know a thing or two about engaging an audience and writing savvy web content.


Whether it’s crafting digital content that both people and Google love or getting all your on-page SEO ducks in a row, I can make your business stand out from the crowd.

I’ll help you to dig deep into your business and get to know your target audience.

And I’ll ask the hard questions to draw out the best language. But I promise, I’ll make it easy, and the results will be worth it.


Let’s get a little more personal…

I live in a bushy suburb near Devonport, Tasmania. But thanks to the wonders of technology, I work with clients anywhere in Australia from my sunny home.

My husband and I are the co-creators of one climate change activist nature-loving girl and two fishing-mad boys.

We live among the gumtrees on a few acres.

No plum trees though.

So far we only share the space with two crazy cats and one noisy grey cockatiel (plus about a hundred wallabies).

But if my daughter had her way we’d also keep sheep, a cow, miniature goats, some cockatoos, a husky, and a beehive.

Lea Farrow | Copywriter, Website Content Writer, and Small Business SEO Strategist | Tasmania

I never really had an official start in writing

Words and I found each other when I was five years old and I’ve been a word geek ever since.

When I’m not writing them, I’m reading them.

Maybe it’s an INFJ thing? And what’s more, so too is all the tea I drink.

My relationship with writing became a little strained when my left brain took me off to uni to study for a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

But after more than a decade of living and breathing the medical sciences, my right brain demanded more attention.


I haven’t stopped writing since, and I couldn’t be happier

I love being a copywriter and working with words every day.

Thank goodness for computers and keyboards, though – writing and being left-handed isn’t always so pretty.

Spare time?

There’s not a lot of that right now, to be honest, between writing, kids, and keeping connected with the healthcare industry through some occasional pharmacy work.

But when I do get a chance, I love heading out for family bushwalks – the longer the better.

I also enjoy baking cakes and biscuits, running around on the hockey field, listening to music (loudly), and playing pranks on my kids.

Want to work together?

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