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The ONLY program you need to build a powerful marketing strategy that reliably brings you new ideal clients, month after month, year after year – WITHOUT burning money on ads or relying on referrals.


Although you do an excellent job coaching clients and making a positive difference, business growth has stalled. And you don’t know why.

No matter how much time and effort you put in, you can’t find a strategy that works.

Either you’re not attracting the right clients, they can’t afford your services, or the referrals are just too few and far between.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, getting a consistent stream of clients doesn’t ‘just happen’.

But the good news is you don’t need a fancy website to bring in more leads. And you don’t need to throw money at ads to find new clients.

My All-In-One Marketing Method gives you:

✔️ A proven way to attract an extra 3 (or more) ideal clients each month
✔️ A system that delivers an ROI on your marketing budget
✔️ An organic growth-marketing formula that doesn’t rely on paid ads






This is a 7-week program for career and business coaches who don’t have an in-house marketing coordinator.

Together, we roll out your organic marketing strategy by refining your positioning (the copywriting on your website, LinkedIn profile, and other platforms), your offer, your sales process, your lead generation, your content pipeline, and your referral systems

It sounds a lot, right?

But don’t worry – I’ll guide you the whole way.

I then teach you my signature systems for attracting an additional 3 (or more) high-value clients a month using direct outreach and attraction marketing.

Even better, your marketing strategy is future-proof

This means the framework will continue to serve you no matter how your business grows or pivots.



We start with an initial Marketing Clarity Session.

Over a Zoom call, we’ll discuss your services, target market, and current situation, as well as your business goals and challenges.

We’ll also talk about the five crucial pillars of a successful marketing strategy and what we can do to create yours.


Once I’ve got a full understanding of your coaching service, your offer, and your ideal clients, I’ll recommend a way forward to build out your organic marketing foundations.

Definitely no paid ads until these are all in place (or ever)!

Plus, I’ll show you how to roll out your strategy based on a set of simple marketing frameworks.


Using the marketing plan we create, I’ll help you implement and attract the people you want to work with.

You’ll be known, liked, and trusted as a leader in your space.

What’s more, you’ll know how to position yourself as the go-to choice for your ideal clients and those in their networks.


I’ve always been a word nerd and data dork.

And for years, working with clients on their copywriting and search engine optimisation (SEO) projects has been my happy place.

But, no matter what I did, I struggled to get a steady flow of clients.

Without any consistency, my schedule would swing between a feast or famine. Either I’d have a wait list longer than my arm or no clients in sight.

Surely, there had to be an easier way to sustain my business?

So, once I recognised that savvy copywriting and smart SEO are only two pieces of a larger marketing puzzle, I changed gears.

That’s when I created the “All-In-One Marketing Method.”

A fully-guided and practical program to help you develop an end-to-end marketing strategy that brings in more of your ideal clients – reliably and easily.

Even better, we can do this without paid ads, complex tech, or a big team.

Sound good?

This is the right program for you if:

✔️ You own a coaching business that needs more clients, but you don’t know how to make it happen.

✔️ Your business does not have an in-house marketing coordinator or team.

✔️ You’d rather work 1:1 with a down-to-earth marketer than a big agency.

✔️ You’re ready to take action with your marketing game plan.

This program is NOT the right fit for you if:

❌ Your business is an e-commerce or product-based business.

❌ You’re not keen on becoming the face of your business and building your personal brand.

❌ You’re not ready (or able) to commit to taking action now.

Imagine spending LESS time on your marketing but generating MORE leads. In just 7 weeks, this pipe dream can become your reality!



Optimise your LinkedIn profile and website messaging so it’s crystal-clear that your service and offer is the go-to option for your ideal client.



Use a streamlined and scalable sales framework to make it easy to convert ideal prospects into clients, without feeling ‘salesy’ or spammy.



Maximise the activity on your personal LinkedIn account by connecting with and attracting hundreds of new prospects every week.



Turn your knowledge and know-how into engaging content that provides clarity to your audience and converts high-quality leads.



Create useful partnership resources that help people in your network understand who they should refer your business to.



Make yourself the go-to person for your ideal clients by building your personal brand and creating a community.



Explore the next steps to get certain marketing tasks off your plate so you can spend more time on other business growth actions.


I’ve worked with business owners for years on their marketing, including SEO and copywriting. But this is a relatively new marketing program I developed after recognising that most businesses lack crucial marketing elements (meaning any work we did wouldn’t generate good results).

It’s very hard to make SEO or social media marketing work if a business doesn’t have a proper sales system, a proactive referral framework, or optimised content systems in place.

That’s why my All-In-One Marketing Method program covers ALL the key elements your marketing needs to deliver the results you dream of. Nothing is overlooked!

So, while I don’t have long-term client stories to share (yet!), I do have testimonials from some clients who’ve already done my program.


Lea is generous with her knowledge and time. She gives the specific information needed to get MY marketing rolling in a sustainable way. Not just general marketing speak.

The marketing for my consultancy business lacked a clear and comprehensive process. I’ve done other marketing training, but Lea’s program is the only one that covers the whole system I need.

And there is a lot to cover. I put aside several hours each week to get things set up.

The marketing and sales system I’ve built with Lea’s help makes sure I get all the information I need, that I don’t miss anything, AND that the client understands what will happen next. It’s also a system I can easily hand over to others in my business to follow.

I definitely recommend working with Lea! Especially if you’ve been trying different things and feel like you haven’t got a routine that works for you and brings in properly qualified leads.

Cathy O’Dwyer
Principal Consultant,
O’Dwyer Accreditation

Graham Lewis tm

My marketing strategy and process materialised before my eyes, without being totally conscious of it happening. Early on, I started to see results in the way of positive leads, and my emerging “client engagement” approach is now more seamless and self-sustaining.

I was in the process of relaunching a career coaching business after a major health issue. Previously, I had successfully sold coaching and consulting services to corporate clients via direct 1:1 contact. However engaging clients via a social media platform was a new challenge.

As soon as Lea showed me the 5 pillars of her Organic Prospect-Attraction Strategy model during our initial clarity call, I knew she “got it.” Since working together, Lea has been like a good friend just guiding me along. She’s also been responsive between sessions to any request or query.

Her program content was very well thought through and offered in realistic doable chunks. The action items to be completed between sessions were easy to pick up and complete, and her extra resources and tools are “ready to go” or can easily be adapted.

I now spend less time espousing the benefits of my service to prospective clients and more time eliciting responses from them. Learning what’s important to them and leading them through activities which add value straight away makes leading them towards the service feel effortless and a natural progression.

Lea’s program is “essential” for anyone offering a coaching or a related professional/personal service that is suited to being marketed on any social media platform.

Graham Lewis
Managing Consultant, GL Consulting


What is the All-In-One Marketing Method?

The All-In-One Marketing Method is a 7-week program for career and business coaches who don’t have an in-house marketing coordinator.

Together, we roll out your organic marketing strategy by refining your positioning (the copywriting on your website, LinkedIn profile, and other platforms), your offer, your sales process, your lead generation, your content pipeline, and your referral systems.

I then teach you my signature systems for attracting an additional 3 (or more) high-value clients a month using direct outreach and attraction marketing.

How long will it take for my new marketing strategy to work?

The great news is, it’s entirely possible for you to start bringing in new clients before we’ve even finished developing your marketing strategy. Sometimes as early as our first few weeks together!

Even better, the process I guide you through takes this into consideration, so you’ll always be one step ahead and ready to serve your new clients.

But, as with any marketing effort, you’ll get out of your strategy what you put in.

In other words, those who take action will enjoy the most rapid results!

Can you guarantee I’ll get as many clients as I want?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to digital marketing.

Instead, I’m all about honesty and realistic expectations. I don’t want you hanging on to any false hopes or fake promises, though the results of your strategy will soon speak for themselves.

The old adage is true:

“You get out of your marketing what you put in”

And please also know that I’m 100% invested in your success the whole way – I won’t be satisfied until you are.

How much does the program cost?

While we’ll discuss the full value and pricing of the program during our live Marketing Clarity Session, I can tell you that most of my clients get a return on their investment after bringing in their first one or two new clients.

Best of all, the marketing systems we create for you in this program you will continue to use forever(!) to bring in a steady stream of ideal clients.

Without these systems, you have no guaranteed way of reverse-engineering the actions that will bring in the number of new clients you want each month.

And you’re here reading this because, at the moment, you’re struggling to find your ideal clients, or convert your prospects into clients, or make enough money from your service because you don’t know how to sell the true value of your offer (so you end you undercharging your clients). 

All these issues are what my program fixes.

This means you’ll get a positive ROI for the rest of your business life (read: serious profits!) since the systems we put in place will continue to serve your business and bring in clients month after month, year after year.

What if I don’t have the time or budget for marketing right now?

Let’s look at it another way.

Ask yourself if your business can afford not to have a reliable stream of clients?

The hard truth is, most business owners don’t consider their marketing until client leads dry up.

If you don’t have a reliable organic marketing strategy in place to drive a consistent flow of ideal clients, you may struggle to keep your business afloat or continue creating a positive impact.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or headspace to take action on your marketing, then engaging a marketing strategist isn’t the best idea.

Do you only offer this program, or do you offer other marketing services?

I created the All-In-One Marketing Method because it covers all seven ‘must-have’ pillars of any marketing strategy.

Leave one out, and the wheels will fall off your entire marketing system.

In other words, there’s little point in me writing new copy for your website if you haven’t first positioned yourself correctly in the market. And there’s no point starting an SEO project if you don’t have an efficient sales system when prospects land on your website.

That said, if you already have a well-oiled marketing strategy in place, I can offer copywriting and SEO services to help power up your results:

What do I need to do to get started?

It couldn’t be easier to get started.

Just book a time for your FREE Marketing Clarity Session.

We’ll discuss your business, your biggest marketing struggle right now, and what you’d like to achieve with your business in the future.


No matter what stage your business is at, the best way to get some quick answers about your marketing is to book an obligation-free call.

We’ll discuss where you’re at now, what you’d like to achieve with your business, and where your marketing gaps are.

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