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Boost Your Happiness Today with 72 Simple Ways!

When was the last time you felt truly happy or wished for a foolproof way to boost your happiness in an instant?

Do you see the happy people around you and wonder what their secret is or how they got so lucky? Are you convinced that you’d feel happier if only you didn’t have so many problems in your life?

Too often, we see happiness as a destination to be worked towards or bought. We forget that our happiness is always there, right where we left it, when we dropped it for frustration or anger or guilt or sadness or regret.

All our emotions are fluid, even happiness. And, if you know where to look, true happiness can be found in each and every moment.

Even on the toughest days, when you’ll feel that happiness is completely out of reach. It’s still there waiting. And it’s all for you.

So where do you look? What do you do?

If you are anything like me, then you’re probably after a quick fix! Something to lift your mood instantly. So I’ve made this list of 72 simple ways to boost your happiness RIGHT NOW!

No matter the day or the time or the place or the person, there’s something on this list for everyone. NO more excuses!

Pick the first one that appeals to you and give it a try!


Boost your happiness

1.  Call a good friend on the phone

2.  Drink a hot cup of coffee or tea mindfully

3.  Hug someone you love

4.  Listen to your favourite song

5.  Go for a walk – short or long, your choice

6.  Stop and concentrate on five different sounds you can hear

7.  Take a crazy selfie

8.  Tell someone your favourite joke


Boost your happiness

9.  Stroke or cuddle your pet/s

10.  Look at photos of your children or grandchildren

11.  Put on an outfit that makes you feel great

12.  Text a good friend

13.  Take your dog for a walk

14.  Use a grounding technique to release anxiety

15.  Visit an elderly relative

16.  Go outside and watch the clouds for five minutes


Boost your happiness

17.  Think of one thing you can be grateful for today

18.  Draw a picture or create a small piece of art

19.  Confide in your pet about what’s on your mind today

20.  Schedule a meal or catch up with a good friend

21.  Consciously relax your face, you may be scowling or grimacing without realising

22.  Smile at the next stranger you meet and say hi

23.  Have a soak in the tub

24.  Stop and look at your surroundings as though this is your first time here



25.  Read a few pages or chapter of a good book

26.  Visit a positive and uplifting website

27.  Stop and watch your child/ren playing

28.  Tidy away some clutter in your home or office

29.  Send a funny selfie to a good friend

30.  Go for a swim

31.  Spend five minutes on your favourite mindfulness technique

32.  Go for a drive somewhere new



33.  Do something off your “to do” list that’s been there the longest

34.  If you’re inside, get outside for at least ten minutes

35.  Select a positive mantra for the day

36.  Bake a cake or some tasty treats

37.  Write in your journal

38.  Play a card or board game with someone you care about

39.  Perform a little act of kindness for someone

40.  Watch an episode of your favourite comedy



41.  Dance to your favourite song

42.  Look at your favourite photos of your pet/s

43.  Choose your favourite treat and eat it mindfully

44.  Do some gardening

45.  Spend ten minutes doing your favourite exercise or stretching

46.  Read your child/ren a story

47.  Go for a run

48.  Plan where your next trip might be



49.  Show yourself compassion, as you would your best friend

50.  Write a short poem or prose

51.  Find a good climbing tree and climb it

52.  Switch off all screens and take notice of the sounds and sights around you

53.  Give someone an honest compliment

54.  Clean out and tidy one cupboard (or more if you have time)

55.  Think of a happy memory and dwell on it

56.  Let the sun shine on your face



57.  Praise yourself on a small good deed you’ve done today

58.  Make some music

59.  If you’re near the coast, watch the waves for a while

60.  Take a short nap

61.  Burn your favourite essential oils

62.  Stop and focus on the flow of your breath for five minutes

63.  Paint your nails a new colour

64.  Watch the stars



65.  Do some colouring in

66.  Take your child/ren to the park or playground

67.  Go for a bike ride

68.  Take a long hot shower

69.  Pick (or buy) a bunch of your favourite blooms

70.  Switch off your mobile and be present where you are

71.  Ask your child/ren to play their favourite game with you

72.  Write a letter to someone you love



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