Content that fizzles like a wet firecracker? Never again if you do this


It’s a nasty word to many of us.

We love consuming it. But when it comes to creating it, we often overthink our strategy, overstretch ourselves, and overlook the big picture.

We chase the vanity metrics – the likes and comments – forgetting (or not realising) they make little difference to attracting leads and signing new clients.

Yet we’re all creating content for that one ultimate goal…

To attract new leads.

Leads who will hopefully become new dream clients.

But if your content isn’t starting conversations, generating leads, or attracting ideal clients, then you’re probably pulling your hair out by now.

I get it.

It’s frustrating investing all that time and energy into creating posts just to watch them fizzle out.

And you’re likely looking for answers in all the wrong places.

More video posts?
Using content templates?
Posting every day, even Sundays?
Keeping up with all the latest trends?


However, the real reason your content isn’t attracting new clients is that you’re not balancing the intent of your content. 

Let me explain.

Your audience – no matter what you do or who you serve – is made up of people at all different stages of awareness in their own buyer’s journey.

It looks like this:

“The Buyers Journey”

Your most attentive prospects are in the middle three stages:

  • Problem aware
  • Solution aware
  • Service aware


To keep moving forward in their buyer’s journey, they each need to hear a different message from you.

But without the right balance of messaging, they can get “stuck” in one stage of awareness, which means fewer people reaching out for your services.

Here’s an example.

If you put out too much problem-aware content, your prospects won’t get introduced to your solution or understand why they should take action now.

On the other hand, if you put out too much service-aware content, your prospects tune out altogether because they can’t connect the dots between their challenges and your offer.

By balancing the intent of your content, you have something to offer everyone in your audience.

Here’s how:



These people sense they have a problem but don’t yet know there’s a solution.

They need content that explains why the problem is occurring and why it’s important they solve it.

Create problem-aware content by:

  • Busting myths and misconceptions
  • Calling out common mistakes

Example: “7 ways your website design is losing you business”



These people know the solution they want, but don’t yet know about your service.

They need educational content that helps them problem-solve on their own, but also introduces the great solution you offer for the problem they have.

Create solution-aware content by:

  • Offering how-to posts and guides
  • Answering common FAQs

Example: “Reasons FOR and AGAINST building your own website”



These people know what you offer, but aren’t sure yet if it’s right for them.

They need content that introduces your service offer as the best choice and proves that you can do what you say you can do.

Create service-aware content by:

  • Sharing testimonials and case studies
  • Talking about your process and approach

Example: “Glowing testimonial from one of our happy website design clients”


At this point, you’re probably thinking it’s an even split between these three different types of content.

However, it’s a good idea to give a bit more weight to your problem-aware and solution-aware content, since there’s a lot more to say to people at these stages.

Now, go back and check the intent behind your posts.

  • Are you creating posts that address each stage of awareness?
  • What do you mostly focus on?
  • Which types of content do you need more of?

The idea is to have something to offer everyone in your audience, no matter what stage they’re at.

Because it’s only when you strike the right balance that your content will support your marketing and help attract a steady stream of leads.


Hi, I’m Lea (like tea) Farrow

I’m a marketing strategist and SEO copywriter based in beautiful Tasmania, Australia.

Over the years, I’ve focused on all things written. But after recognising that savvy copywriting and smart SEO are only two pieces of a larger marketing puzzle, I changed gears.

I now work with coaches and consultants to develop marketing strategies that save them time and bring in more of their ideal clients – reliably and easily.

Even better, we can do this without paid ads, complex tech, or a big team.

Sound good?

Get in touch to find out how.

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