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Double your referrals: the simple strategy inside

Do you use a “cross your fingers” approach for referrals?

Hoping that someone will remember your elevator pitch at that recent networking event?

And feeling lucky if someone gets in touch with a potential lead for you?

Now imagine this…

A world where your next client referral isn’t a stroke of luck but a result of a deliberate, strategic approach.

Yet most business owners don’t realise they can be strategic with referrals.

Instead, they use those hope and luck tactics – even if their business relies heavily on referrals to get new clients in the door.

These word-of-mouth referrals usually pay off to some degree.

But there’s a downside.


When you leave your referrals to chance:

  • You never know when or if the next referral is coming – which only fuels a feast-and-famine cycle
  • You often get referred people who can’t afford your services
  • You can never be sure if the prospects referred are your ideal type of client
  • You continue getting referrals for industries you no longer want to serve or for services you no longer offer
  • You end up wasting time screening out people who are not ideal clients, who can’t afford your service, or who want something you no longer offer – which means less time focusing on new high-quality leads


So what’s the alternative?

How do you create a referral strategy that brings in more high-quality leads and stops you from wasting precious time on tyre kickers?

Here’s how I break it down into 3 steps:


STEP 1. Identify your potential referral partners

These are people (or businesses) who serve the same type of clients as you but in a different way.

For example, a web developer could refer clients to a copywriter for help with content writing, and the copywriter could refer clients back to the developer for website building.

Ask yourself:

  • Do we serve the same ideal clients without an overlap?
  • Might some of my clients need this person’s support?
  • Could I potentially help some of their clients?


STEP 2. Get on their radar

Interact with their content – whether on LinkedIn, in a Facebook group, or whichever social platform they use.

Leave insightful and intelligent comments on their posts, share their posts that resonate with you, or tag them in your own post if relevant.

Just don’t overdo it or it’ll look spammy!


STEP 3. Reach out to start a conversation

Send them a DM to set up a time to chat.

This allows you to learn more about their ideal clients, how they help them, and if they could be someone your own clients might find useful to work with.

You’ll also have the chance to share your own information and get an idea if the two of you would be a good fit as referral partners.


Here’s the bottom line.

If you reach out to the right people in the right way, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities you can create.

Not everyone will be a great match as a referral partner.

But if you take the time to build and nurture the right partner relationships, they become a win-win scenario.

You get more high-quality leads for your signature services.

And instead of saying, “Sorry, I can’t help you with that”, you can support your clients in the areas you don’t work by referring them to trusted people and businesses.

So, if you don’t know where your next referral is coming from or when, perhaps it’s time to think about creating some strategic partnerships.

What have you got to lose?



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