The (easy) LinkedIn outreach hack that changes everything

Have you ever wondered why some LinkedIn connections turn into valuable relationships while others remain stagnant?

Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Because in the world of marketing outreach, a tiny tweak in your approach can make a huge difference. But first, let’s address the reality of making LinkedIn connections.

Anyone will tell you that acceptance rates for connection requests are the same whether you add a message or not.

And they’re absolutely right.

So, why waste time adding a message if it doesn’t make a difference?


Here’s what it comes down to:

It’s an opportunity to effortlessly start a conversation. And opening a conversation is far more powerful than you realise.

Picture this: a connection request that not only gets accepted but also sparks engaging conversations naturally.

We’re talking basic human nature here.

No matter who you are or who you’re talking to, it’s always much easier to continue a conversation than start one out of the blue (after you’ve been connected for a while).

You’d know this yourself.

If you receive a random DM from someone in your LI network who’s never sent you a message before, chances are you’ll approach it with suspicion.

You’ll be thinking:

“What do they want?”
“Why are they talking to me now?”
“What are they trying to pitch or sell me?”

However, if the message is a “pitch-slap” or a push to get you to a sales webinar or a hard sell on someone’s new course, you were right to be wary.

(By the way, this really is the height of rudeness, so please never do it on LI or anywhere else!)

But if you lead your initial connection request with a friendly and non-assumptive message – one that doesn’t focus on you or what you think the person needs from you – it opens a dialogue without pressure.

Plus, it gives you the perfect opportunity, after they accept, to send a follow-up message and continue the conversation. 

There’s no question about it – genuine conversations lead to new dream clients.


Now, I’m not suggesting that a message does all the heavy lifting when it comes to making connections.

Having a well-optimised profile is just as crucial.

Ensuring your LinkedIn headline and profile are both clearly positioned helps you connect with the right people and build your ideal audience.

Because less people are likely to accept your request if your profile doesn’t reflect any value in the potential connection.

And one more thing.

You should also be regularly posting valuable content so your new connections get to know who you are and what you’re about.


Where am I heading with all this?

When you nurture natural conversations with your LI connections from day one, you can expect replies and leads like these examples from my DMs:


⭐️ “Lol. LOVE THAT! I have never been asked that question on LinkedIn.”

⭐️ “Haha what a question! I get and ignore a lot of connection requests from marketers but there was something different about you that made me want to accept and reply.”

⭐️ “I love this so much. Your approach is unlike anything I’ve seen. So refreshing!”

⭐️ “Hi Lea. I am really interested in what you do and I am jealous of where you live 🙂 could you explain a bit more how i could grow my client base. thanks  hope you and your grilled cheese sandwich are doing well :)”

⭐️ “Thanks Lea. I’ve actually had you on my mind over the past few days. Thanks for reaching out again. I’m curious as to how you work so yes let’s set up a time for a chat.”


Want to get more DMs of your own like these?

If you’ve ever questioned the real power of adding a message to your connection requests, I hope this was a breakthrough moment!


Hi, I’m Lea (like tea) Farrow

I’m a marketing strategist and SEO copywriter based in beautiful Tasmania, Australia.

Over the years, I’ve focused on all things written. But after recognising that savvy copywriting and smart SEO are only two pieces of a larger marketing puzzle, I changed gears.

I now work with coaches and consultants to develop marketing strategies that save them time and bring in more of their ideal clients – reliably and easily.

Even better, we can do this without paid ads, complex tech, or a big team.

Sound good?

Get in touch to find out how.

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