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Got questions about working with a business copywriter, like what the heck is copywriting?


Here’s what other people often ask me about my copywriting, sales pages, conversion copy, and SEO services before working with me.

Don’t see your question? No worries, just drop me a line and I’ll be in touch within a day.

Well, then? What the heck is copywriting?

Copywriting is the craft of writing text for marketing purposes. The written material is designed to sell products or services while building brand awareness.

A copywriter could write all kinds of material: web pages, product descriptions, landing pages, blog posts, social media content, brochures, direct email marketing, advertisements, profiles and bios, and everything in between.

Want to read more about my copywriting history?

So, how is SEO copywriting different?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the process of combining certain factors to rank higher in Google searches for chosen key phrases.

SEO copywriting is a big part of that puzzle. It’s all about strategically weaving SEO keywords into your human-centric copy, so it gets Google’s attention. Because who doesn’t want to encourage more organic traffic to their website!?

There are other trustworthy SEO strategies that we can use to help bump up your rankings over time too. Just ask me!

Best of all, as an SEO consultant, I’m trained in all elements of SEO and won’t need to outsource your keyword research like other copywriters might, which means a big cost saving for you. It’s what I call a win-win-win scenario.

And copywriting is the same as copyright, right?

You wouldn’t believe how often people get these two muddled up! But they’re actually very different.

Copyright is a legal process that protects intellectual property (like this website). Whereas copywriting is the craft of writing text for marketing purposes, and the written material is known as ‘copy’.

Who are you?

Hi there, I’m Lea Farrow. Nice to e-meet you!

I’m an experienced copywriter and SEO consultant. As a dedicated, full-time copywriter, I work with entrepreneurs and business owners who value professionally written copy.

If you want to learn more about me, check out my About page, come hang out with me on Facebook, or head over to my LinkedIn profile or Instagram.

Where are you based?

I live on the beautiful North-West coast of Tasmania. But, thanks to the internet, I’m able to easily work with clients anywhere in Australia from my sunny, rural home.

How much does copywriting cost?

Compared to other copywriters in Australia, my rates are somewhere in the middle of the range. This isn’t just a side-hustle for me. I’m a dedicated, full-time copywriter working with clients who value professionally written conversion and SEO copy.

I always provide a comprehensive, all-inclusive quote before we get started. And I’ll stick to this quote, so even if my time blows out, there’ll be no nasty surprises for you at the end of the project.

Sure, you can hire an offshore copywriter who’ll do your job in less than a day for a bargain-basement rate. And when you want that copy fixed in a few months because it hasn’t made a single connection or conversion, you’ll know where to find me!

What does your fee include?

I’ll provide you with a quote that outlines everything needed to complete your project. This usually includes briefing and chat time, research on your industry and competitors, writing time, up to two rounds of revisions, and proofing.

Perhaps you’d like to know more about how I work?

Do you require a deposit before starting?

I ask for an initial payment of up to 50% of the full fee before starting work on your project. And the balance is payable 2 weeks after the first draft is delivered. However, small projects may require full payment upfront.

Can we meet up to discuss my project?

I work from home, so I manage everything over the phone, email, or via video calls (usually Zoom). That means we can work together no matter where you’re based. And, because there are no extra travel (or coffee) expenses, it also keeps your project fee down.

How will you write copy that sounds like me?

Without trying to toot my own horn, the reason I have such a happy flock of clients is because I take as much time as I need to do my research.

During our briefing process, I’ll embrace your brand message, get to know your ideal audience, and draw out the best language to engage them. In other words, before I write a single word, I ask loads of questions. And I listen – a lot.

The result? Uncovering your authentic brand voice is what makes your copy sound just like you, only better.

How long will it take you to write my copy?

This all depends on how big your project is and how booked up I am. Once we agree on the quote and details of your job, I’ll be able to provide a clear timeline for each stage. And I always stick to them.

Completing your project also depends on how quickly you’re able to review drafts and give feedback. Most clients will have their polished and proofed website or sales page copy delivered within 2-4 weeks.

If you’re in a hurry (and I’m able to squeeze it in), I offer a rush rate of 25% extra on top of your invoice.

Want to know more about how I work?

What if I’m not happy with something you write?

Not to sound like a cliché, but good communication is the key here.

I have a comprehensive briefing process to understand your wants and needs as fully as possible. I work across a wide range of industries, so although I might be a word wizard, you’re undeniably more knowledgeable in your industry’s lingo, terminology, and tone than I am. But sometimes, a crucial factor gets overlooked. And you may not even realise it until you read the first draft.

That’s why I include two rounds of revisions – the first to iron out any glaring issues regarding detail, voice, or tone, and the second is to tweak it to perfection. Making these edits is a vital part of the process, so you’re not just happy but thrilled with the final version.

Do you only write sales and SEO copy, or do you offer other copywriting services?

I work on and write what I’m best at and enjoy the most – conversion copy, websites, and SEO consultancy.

Over the years, I’ve written all the things. But I now try to focus on those three main areas, constantly upgrading my knowledge and skills so I can write top-notch copy for every one of my clients, no matter your industry.

Get in touch if you need different copywriting services or additional copy to support your sales page – such as an email sequence, social content series, or website copy upgrade. I’ll do my best to help.

There are so many copywriters out there. Why should I choose you?

Great question. I thought you’d never ask!

You should choose me because not only will you find me efficient, reliable, and easy to work with, but you’ll end up with red-hot, SEO-friendly copy at a very affordable rate.

Plus, if you’re in the healthcare industry, would you honestly trust your website copy with someone who doesn’t have any medical knowledge? As a pharmacist with 21 years of experience, I’m very comfortable with medical terminology and write high-quality medical copy.

To be honest, I’m a shocking gardener and can’t hard-boil eggs, but I write crackerjack copy that gets results. Check out my testimonial page for real proof.

Can you guarantee results for the copy you write?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to sales and marketing. (And if anyone’s offering one, I suggest you run away fast!)

I can give you juicy conversion copy for your website or a sizzling custom sales page, but it’s up to you to get the word out to your audience – through your socials, email list, website, or even megaphone, if that’s your groove.

But please also know that I’m 100% invested in your success the whole way. And I won’t be satisfied until you are.

What now?

Well, I guess that’s up to you!

You could go put the kettle on (like I probably am right now for my sixth cup of tea). Or you could get in touch and tell me about your wonderful business.

I’d love to have a chat about your upcoming project and see if I’m the right copywriter to help you kick your business goals. Plus, I can also give you an idea of my current lead time to make sure it fits your schedule.


Imagine what it’ll feel like to finally have a dazzling website with copy that builds customer love and brings in oodles more sales – even while you sleep!

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