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Female entrepreneurs in Australia use power of the pack to support other women in business

Why Female Entrepreneurs in Australia Use Power of the Pack

When I signed the paper to start my own business and join the growing band of female entrepreneurs in Australia, I had no idea I was part of a movement.

If I’d lived in my mother’s time, I’d have stayed in my part-time job, resenting the juggle between motherhood and a monotonous, low-paying role until retirement.

If I’d lived in my grandmother’s time, I’d have stayed at home in the kitchen, catering seven-days-a-week to three rowdy children and a husband who got to enjoy his days off.

But I’m living this life, in my time.

So, I walked away from a secure income – and the only career I’d ever known – to work for myself.


Of course, there are many reasons why women, like me, choose to become their own boss.

Yet the ‘why’ isn’t nearly as important as the ‘how’.

With small businesses accounting for more than 97% of the 2.4M actively trading businesses in Australia, we truly are a nation of entrepreneurial people.

And more women are rising to the challenge.

In fact, women account for more than a third of small business owners. That’s close to 800,000 women – a figure that’s steadily growing.

But, with 60% of businesses failing within their first three years, it’s more important than ever that we turn back and extend a hand to those who follow.

The reality is, we’re not businessmen.

As women, we face more hurdles, more judgement, and more setbacks.

While we may share the same aspirations, we’ll never choose to do business the way men do.

Because we’re smart women, we do things our way. And we know that empowering other women to succeed will never diminish our own success.


This movement isn’t just about the numbers of men versus women on the business register.

It goes much deeper.

That’s why when women support each other, incredible things happen.

While there may be no magic formula to success other than hard work and perseverance, here are eleven generous businesswomen who trust in this mutual support. They’re turning back to extend their hand to those following the same path.

Perhaps their wise words are just the words you need to hear today.


Why female entrepreneurs in Australia use power of the pack to support each other in business



Start before you think you’re ready. Confident action comes before the feeling of confidence. Your future self will be grateful that you took the first step today. 

Business is an experiment. You’ll try your best, learn from your mistakes, and refine your process. Of course, it hurts to mess up, but it’s a necessary part of the process.

–  Krista Frahm, Krista Frahm Agency



Give yourself permission to use your superpower to help yourself – whether this might be getting ahead by increasing your visibility or increasing revenue for your business, or something else altogether.

What’s the point in having your superpower if you’re not using it to help yourself?

–  Kistin Gunnis, Business in Heels



Kindness is key. Plant seeds, water them, and expect nothing.

Some things naturally flower, and some things don’t. But, no matter what, you helped something or someone grow – and that is priceless.

–  Melissa David, Melissa David Enterprises



You may be a solopreneur, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Surround yourself with the best of the best who’ll bring different qualities.

Some days you’ll need a cheerleader to get you through. Some days, a kind ear to listen. And other days, a good kick up the butt to get you back on track.

Be that person for them in return, and together the rising tide will lift all boats.

–  Michelle J Raymond, Good Trading Co



When you charge your worth, people will see your worth. You need to believe in your skills and talents, and sell those. Then others will also see your value.

Also, remember that seeking help is vital to push through blocks. Because you’ll never move forward until you’ve made changes to what’s not working.

–  Erica Jeffrey, The Island Creative



There’s plenty of room to adapt, grow, and change direction as you go. It doesn’t all have to be decided and perfect from the beginning.

Starting anywhere and gaining traction is better than getting stuck in planning and research mode and not actually getting anywhere!

–  Lisa Millstead, Corekshuns



There’s an authenticity about each and every one of you, no matter what it is you do. So, when your purpose is filled with passion, your goals will be met.

If you always remember to keep striving to make a difference in the lives of the people you touch, you will find success.

–  Marina Brbot, Motivational Speaker/Author


Why female entrepreneurs in Australia use power of the pack to support each other in business



There is no such thing as the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer, process, or idea. Nor the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ project or job or course. There’s only the inability to act.

Disempowering yourself by making no choice at all is much worse.

–  Jayne Robinson, JR Coaching



Remember, the client should never have to call you.

Always communicate the process, price, and expectations up front – and keep them updated before they need to ask.

–  Judith Beck, Keynote Speaker/Author



I’ve found networking, especially in person, has been great for my business. Local business chambers are a fantastic way to meet local businesses and others you can work alongside.

For example, I still get business from a local web designer and a photographer whom I met through networking events. You can share ideas and meet up for coffee, which is always a welcome break when you’re a freelancer, like me.

–  Melissa Gerke, Melissa Gerke Copywriter



Whatever you think you can’t do, don’t believe that thought!

You are truly more capable than you think you are – you’ll figure it out. And, if not, then there’s always someone you can ask.

–  Sharan Kafoa, Why Settle For Ordinary


Initially, the plan was to simply finish here and not write a closing.

But it felt like something was missing.

So, I thought more about my own business journey and realised I had one more snippet of wisdom to add.



While I know that my mum and grandma are proud of me for opening the doors that were never there for them, and while I’m hyper-aware of being a strong and courageous role model for my teenage daughter, the women in my life are not why I started my own business.

I knew I needed to do it for my own reasons. I needed to have a ‘why’ that was about me, and me alone. Or I would never be a hundred percent invested in my own success.

So, be clear about what your reason is for choosing this path.

Because there’ll be many challenges along the way, and some really tough moments when you’ll want to give it all up and walk away. It’s in these moments that you’ll remember your why. Then you’ll persist.

And, eventually, you’ll succeed.

–  Lea Farrow
Daughter, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Woman



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