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Here’s what you can expect when hiring a copywriter for your small business


Thinking about hiring a copywriter?

It’s not every day that business owners find themselves working with a copywriter.

So, to make the process easier (and less daunting for first-timers), I’ve outlined my usual plan when working through projects – right from start to finish:

Step 1:  Initial discussion

This happens when you fill in this form, call, or email me. At this stage, we’ll have a chat about what you’re after and when you need it.

Because I charge a set fee for a project, I’ll need to ask you some questions to give you an accurate quote.

I’ll usually send you a client brief to complete that asks for these details, such as:
»  what copywriting or SEO do you need help with?
»  what’s the purpose of the project, or what do you want it to achieve?
»  roughly how many web pages or words are needed?
»  who’s your ideal or target audience?
»  how much content do you already have prepared?
»  do you have a deadline for the project?


Step 2:  Project proposal

At this stage, I’ll send you a proposal for your project based on our initial discussion and the details you provided in the client brief.

It will outline what my fee includes and the key tasks for the project, so you can be sure nothing is missed.

Plus, I’ll give you an indication of my current lead time for new projects and attach a copy of my terms and conditions.


Step 3:  Commencement invoice  

Once you’ve read through my terms and conditions and agreed to the proposal and quote, I’ll send you a 50% first instalment invoice.


Step 4:  Book in brief and timing

Then, once you’ve paid the first instalment, I can lock in your project and book your briefing session.

If I haven’t already, I’ll send you my briefing document, which will help you get together your supporting information before our briefing session, so you’re not put on the spot.

At this stage, I can also give you a delivery time frame for the first draft. 

Please keep in mind I’m often booked up to a couple of weeks in advance. But if you have a tight deadline, I’ll do my best to meet it.


Step 5:  Briefing session

This stage is one of the most important elements of the copywriting process.

We’ll discuss your project in-depth, either over the phone or on a Zoom call. I’ll use this time to ask you questions to clarify particular details, such as:
»  your target audience – their beliefs, desires, and fears
»  your business – your key selling points and unique differences
»  your brand personality and ideal tone of voice
»  any other specific project needs or wants that haven’t been covered

A briefing session usually takes around an hour but will obviously vary depending on the scope of your project.


Step 6:  The writing part

At this stage, once we’ve finished the briefing and you’ve sent through any supporting documents and background material, I can get started on the best bit of all – the writing.


Step 7:  Drafts and revisions

I use Google Docs for all my documents, and I’ll email you a private link to the first draft by our agreed date.

You’ll be able to make comments and suggestions on the document, which is often the simplest way to share your feedback.

All my copywriting projects include two rounds of revisions at no extra cost. Any additional rounds will be charged at an hourly rate, as per my terms and conditions.


Step 8:  Final payment

At this stage, I’ll invoice you the final amount. My payment terms are fourteen days.

Once your amends have been finalised, your copy will be fully proofed and delivered to you as a clean Word doc.


Step 9:  Happy dance

Done! This is the end of the project, and when you’re happy with the copy, I’ll be happy too.

This is the stage when the copy becomes yours for keeps, so you can make any changes you’d like to it in the future.

I also ask all my clients for a testimonial to feature on my website or a Google review because a good recommendation is the cherry on top.

I hope you now have a good idea of my copywriting process and what to expect when hiring a copywriter.

Ready to get started?

Head over to my contact page to get in touch today.

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