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Wish you could rely on getting a steady stream of ideal clients?

Your marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With my personalised Geared For Growth program, I’ll help you get everything in place so your marketing hums like a well-oiled machine.

Best of all, the strategy we develop will continue to serve your business month after month, year after year – without paid ads, cold calls, or complex sales funnels.

Fully supported process

Authentic client attraction

Accelerated business growth

Future-proof strategy

An end-to-end solution for your marketing

This is a 12-week program for coaches and consultants who are going in circles with their marketing and no longer want to resort to trial and error.

To build a thriving business, you only need these 5 things

A system for growing an ideal audience

A content strategy that attracts the right attention

A crystal-clear online presence and offer

An effective “non-salesy” sales framework

A simple strategy to tie it all together


Without an audience-building system, you’re talking to the wrong people.

Without a content strategy, your posts sound the same as every other business.

Without a clear presence and offer, prospects are confused.

Without an effective sales process, you’re losing business.

And without a strategy, you’re winging it.

But nail all five, and you’ve got a streamlined system that helps you reverse-engineer the results you want to achieve.

What is the Geared for Growth program?

It’s a personalised, hands-on program to help coaches and consultants develop an end-to-end marketing strategy that attracts more of their dream clients – reliably and easily.

Over 12 weeks, you will:

✓ Develop a growth-marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on paid ads

✓ Attract new dream clients using your LinkedIn account

Create content that catches the right attention and converts

Make your website work as an integral part of your marketing

Generate more high-quality referrals to your business

Meet your personal marketing strategist

Hi, I’m Lea (like tea), and I’ve always been a word nerd and data dork.

After wrapping up my first career as a community pharmacist, I discovered a new way to live my best life: using my writing and digital skills to help businesses with their copywriting and SEO projects.

But no matter what I did, I struggled to maintain a steady flow of clients.

Without any consistency, my business was locked in a feast or famine cycle and was slowly wearing me down. There had to be an easier way.

I eventually recognised that copywriting and SEO are only two pieces of a larger marketing puzzle.

That’s when I created my Geared for Growth program.

Since then, I’ve empowered many coaches and consultants across Australia and New Zealand to simplify and streamline their marketing.

Who needs this?

While my marketing systems can be applied to many service-based businesses, it’s especially valuable if:


  • You own a coaching or consulting business that needs more clients, but don’t know how to make it happen
  • You have a 4-figure service package or program (or the potential to create one)
  • You don’t have an in-house marketing coordinator or team
  • You’d prefer to learn how to do your own marketing than outsource to a big agency

It’s probably not right for you if:

  • Your business is an e-commerce or product-based business
  • You’d prefer to find someone who will “do your marketing” so you don’t have to
  • You’re not willing to try new tactics or let go of ones that aren’t working
  • You’re not keen on becoming the face of your business

Imagine spending less time on your marketing but generating more leads. In just 12 weeks, this pipe dream can become your reality!

What’s included?


Set the foundations that will ensure you get the most from this program and provide the best service for your ideal client.


Make it crystal clear through your online presence that you, your service, and your offer are the go-to option for your ideal client.


Map out your discovery and sales process so you can streamline your sales system and achieve a higher conversion rate.


Polish your LinkedIn headline, banner text, and About section so it converts more prospects into leads (copywriting support included).


Systematically grow a LinkedIn audience and develop effective commenting habits and messaging sequences that build relationships.


Learn how to be strategic with your content and how to use a simple framework to generate high-values ideas so you never run out.


Get fresh eyes on your website to assess its user experience, content, and site structure to maximise conversions (audit report included).


Understand how personal branding skyrockets your business by making you a trusted and credible operator for ideal clients.


Build on your content fundamentals to create high-value content and free convert tools that continue to nurture prospect relationships.


Identify untapped referral opportunities and create partnership systems and resources to help build valuable strategic partnerships.


Explore getting tasks off your plate so you can spend more time on marketing and activities that bring new business opportunities.


Revisit the elements of your marketing strategy and create a roadmap that will help you reach – or exceed! – your 12-month goals.

Client testimonials

Taryn Ferguson

The benefits of working with Lea are evident—I’ve already successfully secured a full client, and, as I refine my offer, I’m confident that her approach will continue to support whatever I do.

Upon seeking assistance, I grappled with challenges in sales and marketing, needing a cohesive structure in my approach. I found myself being swayed by many external influences without a clear direction.

Initially sceptical about the value I would gain, I was pleasantly surprised. Throughout our collaboration, Lea provided me with a clear and organised framework for my sales and marketing strategies. Her service stood out for its meticulous organisation and structured guidance.

As a result, I’ve established a streamlined sales process and gained clarity on attracting clients, creating a more diverse and structured approach than before. The benefits are evident—I’ve successfully secured a full client and, as I refine my offer, I’m confident that your approach will continue to support whatever I do.

I’ve already recommended Lea’s services to others, emphasising the ease of following her structured and systematised process.

Michael Lewarne

Architecture Leadership Coach, Unmeasured

After working with Lea, I’m now much clearer on what to do and how to do it – especially on LinkedIn.

I was really struggling with strategies and approaches to my marketing before I started working with Lea. I’m now much clearer on what to do and how to do it – especially on LinkedIn.

Lea is generous, attentive and always very responsive. If you want to take your marketing further through understanding how to execute simple and clear methodologies, then Lea is for you. She’s a delight to work with.

Cathy O’Dwyer

Principal Consultant, O’Dwyer Accreditation

Lea is generous with her knowledge and time. She gives the specific information needed to get MY marketing rolling in a sustainable way. Not just general marketing speak.

The marketing for my consultancy business lacked a clear and comprehensive process. I’ve done other marketing training, but Lea’s program is the only one that covers the whole system I need.

The marketing and sales system I’ve set up with Lea’s help makes sure I get all the information I need, that I don’t miss anything, AND that the client understands what will happen next. It’s also a system I can easily hand over to others in my business to follow.

I definitely recommend working with Lea! Especially if you’ve been trying different things and feel like you haven’t got a routine that works for you and brings in properly qualified leads.

Leanne Wyvill

Communication Coach, Presence Communications

I’m not going around in circles anymore! Lea helped me access new and practical marketing techniques for swimming straight in my lane so I could keep sight of my goals.

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s on the horizon (or not) when you’re focused on helping your own clients in the here and now. But coaches need support and guidance too if we are to bring our best to every client while running our own business.

Working with Lea, I accessed new and practical marketing techniques for swimming straight in my lane so I could keep sight of my goals. I’m not going around in circles anymore!

Each session helped me build momentum and articulate that what I do as a communication coach can make a difference for my target clientele.

As coaches, we encourage our clients to invest in their own personal or professional development. We should address our own skills gaps too. I have definitely benefited from Lea’s expertise, guidance, and tactics.

Graham Lewis

Managing Consultant, GL Consulting

My marketing strategy and process materialised before my eyes, without being totally conscious of it happening. Early on, I started to see results in the way of positive leads, and my emerging “client engagement” approach is now more seamless and self-sustaining.

I was in the process of relaunching a career coaching business after a major health issue. Previously, I had successfully sold coaching and consulting services to corporate clients via direct 1:1 contact. However engaging clients via a social media platform was a new challenge. 

As soon as Lea showed me the 5 pillars of her Organic Prospect-Attraction Strategy model during our initial clarity call, I knew she “got it.” Since working together, Lea has been like a good friend just guiding me along. She’s also been responsive between sessions to any request or query.

Her program content was very well thought through and offered in realistic doable chunks. The action items to be completed between sessions were easy to pick up and complete, and her extra resources and tools are “ready to go” or can easily be adapted. 

My SM marketing strategy and process materialised before my eyes, without being totally conscious of it happening. Early on, I started to see results in the way of positive leads, and my emerging “client engagement” approach is now more seamless and self-sustaining.

I now spend less time espousing the benefits of my service to prospective clients and more time eliciting responses from them. Learning what’s important to them and leading them through activities which add value straight away makes leading them towards the service feel effortless and a natural progression.

Lea’s program is “essential” for anyone offering a coaching or a related professional/personal service that is suited to being marketed on any social media platform.

Susie Young

Business Coach & Spiritual Healer, Heart’s Promise

Lea helped me reframe and clarify my messaging so the focus was on what was important to my prospective clients. It sounds simple but it’s essential.

When I first saw Lea’s connection request on LinkedIn, I intuitively knew this was someone I wanted to connect with. This was before I even knew who she was and what she offered.

I was curious to know more as this is definitely not my typical response to connection requests, especially from marketing people!

After looking at Lea’s website and her content, I knew she would be able to help me, so I went ahead and booked a marketing clarity session.

I was absolutely amazed how much value this session, along with the follow-up session, offered. I couldn’t believe Lea was offering this for free and at no obligation!

Working with Lea has been easy and fun. I genuinely like Lea as a person which is important to me when choosing people to work with, and her insights have been amazing. She was able to reframe and clarify my messaging so the focus was on what was important to my prospective clients. It sounds simple but it’s essential. I was just too close to my own business and needed an outside perspective from someone who knows.

Then there’s Lea’s copywriting skills. I so appreciated Lea’s ability to write great copy!

Book a marketing clarity session with Lea. There’s no pressure and you’re sure to receive loads of value. Without a consistent stream of clients, there is no business. Perhaps Lea’s marketing system is right for you.

Your questions answered

What is the Geared for Growth program?

Geared for Growth is a 12-week program for coaches and consultants who don’t have an in-house marketing coordinator.

Together, we roll out your organic marketing strategy by refining your positioning (the copywriting on your website, LinkedIn profile, and other platforms), your offer, your sales process, your lead generation, your content pipeline, and your referral systems.

I then teach you my signature systems for attracting an additional 3 (or more) high-value clients a month using direct outreach and attraction marketing.

How long will it take for my new marketing strategy to work?

The great news is, it’s entirely possible for you to start bringing in new clients well before we’ve finished rolling out your marketing strategy. Sometimes as early as our first few weeks together!

Even better, the process I guide you through takes this into consideration, so you’ll always be one step ahead and ready to serve your new clients.

But, as with any marketing effort, you’ll get out of your strategy what you put in.

In other words, those who take action will enjoy the most rapid results!

Can you guarantee I'll get as may clients as I want?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to digital marketing.

Instead, I’m all about honesty and realistic expectations. I don’t want you hanging on to any false hopes or fake promises, though the results of your strategy will soon speak for themselves.

The old adage is true:

“You get out of your marketing what you put in”

And please also know that I’m 100% invested in your success the whole way – I won’t be satisfied until you are.

How much does the program cost?

While we’ll discuss the full value and pricing of the program during our live Marketing Clarity Session, I can tell you that most of my clients get a return on their investment after bringing in their first one or two new clients.

Best of all, the marketing systems we create for you in this program you will continue to use forever(!) to bring in a steady stream of ideal clients.

Without these systems, you have no guaranteed way of reverse-engineering the actions that will bring in the number of new clients you want each month.

And you’re here reading this because, at the moment, you’re struggling to find your ideal clients, or convert your prospects into clients, or make enough money from your service because you don’t know how to sell the true value of your offer (so you end you undercharging your clients). 

All these issues are what my program fixes.

This means you’ll get a positive ROI for the rest of your business life (read: serious profits!) since the systems we put in place will continue to serve your business and bring in clients month after month, year after year.

What if I don't have the time or budget for marketing right now?

Let’s look at it another way.

Ask yourself if your business can afford not to have a reliable stream of clients?

The hard truth is, most business owners don’t consider their marketing until client leads dry up.

If you don’t have a reliable organic marketing strategy in place to drive a consistent flow of ideal clients, you may struggle to keep your business afloat or continue creating a positive impact.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or headspace to take action on your marketing, then engaging a marketing strategist isn’t the best idea.

Do you only offer this program, or do you offer other marketing services?

I created the Geared for Growth program because it covers all the ‘must-have’ pillars of any marketing strategy.

Leave one out, and the wheels will fall off your entire marketing system.

In other words, there’s little point in me writing new copy for your website if you haven’t first positioned yourself correctly in the market. And there’s no point starting an SEO project if you don’t have an efficient sales system when prospects land on your website.

That said, if you already have a well-oiled marketing strategy in place, I can offer copywriting and SEO services to help power up your results:

  • Website copywriting
  • SEO services
What do I need to do to get started?

It couldn’t be easier to get started.

Just book a time for your FREE Marketing Clarity Session.

We’ll discuss your business, your biggest marketing struggle right now, and what you’d like to achieve with your business in the future.

Ready to take the next step?

No matter what stage your business is at, the best way to get some quick answers about your marketing is to book an obligation-free call.

We’ll discuss where you’re at now, what you’d like your business to achieve, and how I can help.