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“The Island Creative”

The project:  Website copywriting

The client:  As founder and owner of The Island Creative, Erica is a successful website designer and developer, and digital marketer. She helps Tasmanian businesses simplify their strategy and embrace online tools to grow their business.

The details:  After ten years in business, Erica wanted to pivot her direction slightly and knew a full website revamp would help her reach these new goals quickly. Erica reached out to me to help clarify her brand message and write website copy that would engage her ideal clients.

The process was so simple: Lea had me fill out a form and then she just whipped it all up! I’m sure it was more complex behind the scenes, but for me, it was such an easy process.

We seriously have had SUCH good feedback from our new website. And I have landed some big, dream clients directly from how our website made them FEEL. You’re amazing, Lea! 

Erica Jeffrey
Owner, The Island Creative

Sample copy:


Let’s be honest, the online space is downright noisy

  • Does it feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, trying to keep up with the digital world, but going nowhere?
  • Are you struggling to understand how your business should show up online?
  • Do you often think it ought to be easier to get your website and marketing under control?

Running a business is harder than teaching mainlanders how to pronounce Launceston.

But going digital doesn’t have to be.

With tailored coaching and online solutions, I help small business owners embrace digital tools to save time, connect with customers, and grow their businesses.


Online Solutions without the jargon

If you’re here, we’re pretty sure you’re serious about taking your business to the next level.

I’ve worked with hundreds of progressive and passionate Tasmanian business owners – just like you – to simplify their online strategy so they could take the next step with confidence.

Website Design
Easy-to-use and mobile-friendly websites that are loved by customers and Google.

Online Marketing
DIY online marketing courses and managed services by our team of digital experts

“Rethink Waste Tasmania”

The projects:  SEO website copywriting, industry articles, social media posts

The client:  Amanda is the Communication Coordinator for Rethink Waste, a statewide initiative encouraging Tasmanians to rethink what we do with our waste to improve our collective efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. Because, by working together, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill and reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

The details:  Together with a local digital marketing agency, Amanda reached out to me to work on writing new SEO copy for the Rethink website. All the new messaging I created was supported by fresh social media content. The project then expanded into writing industry newsletter articles to increase engagement with the brand.

Lea is one of those rare talents that combines creativity with accuracy, while being super organised.

Working with Lea was a delight. She was quick to understand our brief and was responsive when working through any revisions. Her copywriting and SEO expertise was invaluable during a busy website renewal project and we’ve continued to use her skills on other projects while recommending her to others – without hesitation.

Amanda Wilson
Communications Coordinator, Rethink Waste Tasmania

Sample copy:


TAS Composting
Discover how to compost at home and support commercial composting services in Tasmania

Composting is nature at its best.

Organic matter – anything that has once been alive – will decompose over time into natural fertiliser, known as compost.

It’s a win-win situation. You add food scraps and garden clippings, your waste is kept out of landfill, and you end up with the best soil you’ve ever had.

Yet almost half the waste we currently send to Tasmanian landfills is compostable.

We’re actually paying to dump waste that could be boosting our gardens.

If you’ve ever thought about composting at home, what are you waiting for?


What’s going into your bin?

Recent surveys show that we’re putting far too much organic waste in our kerbside bins.

Around 40% of Tasmanian household garbage is made up of food scraps, garden waste, and other organic rubbish.

And it’s all headed for landfill.

Here’s the outrageous reality: we’re paying to dump green waste in a system that’ll generate harmful greenhouse gases.

Isn’t it time to rethink your waste?

“ebony artPlay”

The projects:  SEO strategy, SEO website copywriting, social media posts

The client:  Ebony is a talented local artisan who crafts geometric building blocks from sustainably sourced beautiful timbers for adults to explore their creativity and rediscover their inner child. No instructions are needed, just time to stretch and revive your mind.

The details:  With bringing a new product to market, Ebony was struggling to find the right tone of voice for her website and social media marketing. With an exclusive market, the ebony artPlay brand required an in-depth process to uncover the best language and phrasing to engage her ideal customers.

My expectations were exceeded, as Lea effortlessly found the voice I’d been searching for, giving my website and social media the tone I could never give it myself.

I’d never used a copywriting service before. Lea instantly put me at ease, getting to know myself and my brand inside out, by taking the time to listen. I believe the right words only come from a true place – and Lea found it with ease. From now on, Farrow Copywriting is my secret weapon.

Ebony Gamble
Founder and Artist, ebony artPlay

Sample copy:


Timeless wooden art that dares to be different

Are you looking to escape the ordinary?

Striking from any angle, an ebony artPlay modular wooden art set creates a contemporary visual delight as it moves with your mood.

The tactile nature of the wood will engage your mind and hold you in the present, giving you a chance to relax and reset while you shape and create.

Each piece is meticulously crafted, one at a time, from a hand-picked length of sustainably salvaged Australian timber. Each set has a tale to tell, with individual set-pieces stamped with a Makers’ Mark and numbered by series. The story of your set continues with you.

No instructions needed. Just your creativity.

Change your design as often as you wish to create a designer look that’s never been seen. The possibilities are endless.

Take a moment to stretch and revive your mind with ebony artPlay.


Modular wooden art that evolves with you

Produced with minimal impact. Built to last. Made to enjoy.

“AgVita Analytical”

The projects:  SEO strategy, SEO website copywriting, staff bios, seasonal newsletters

The client:  Michael Ruffels is the General Manager of AgVita Analytical, an efficient and professional laboratory offering a premium service for soil, plant, and water. AgVita provides analytical services nationally to the agricultural industry, natural resource management bodies, and research organisations.

The details:  Although the AgVita website had recently been redesigned, the copy wasn’t updated from the original. Michael approached me to rewrite their staff bios, reinstate their seasonal newsletters in a new format, and help improve their key service pages, including keyword research and full SEO optimisation for these pages.

With Lea’s help, we have achieved great outcomes across our digital content, including increasing web traffic and search engine rankings.

Lea was friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable across not only website content but a range of media interfaces. She was able to articulate in a way management could understand, and we have achieved great outcomes across our digital content, including increasing web traffic and search engine rankings (through SEO). We also have received positive feedback with our new-look newsletters. 

Michael Ruffels
General Manager, AgVita Analytical

Sample copy:


AgVita Analytical – Quick, reliable and accurate

We’re a professional laboratory offering premium soil, plant, and water services to the agricultural industry, natural resource management bodies, and research organisations.

Our clients choose us for our leading-edge nutrient analyses. And they stay with us for our accurate reporting and efficient, friendly service.

In fact, no other Australian lab can beat our fast turnaround times.

Since 1984, we’ve been providing expert ‘next to real time’ testing and analyses to clients around Australia to assist with advanced production systems, fertilisers and application technologies.

Try us today.


Michael Ruffels
General Manager

With close to three decades of experience in management, Michael offers the professional edge needed to make sure you enjoy an efficient and reliable service every time you do business with AgVita.

He takes pride in working with a team of friendly and experienced professionals to help you achieve exceptional yields and quality growing systems. Michael will take the time to understand your needs and make the whole process simple.

So don’t expect the usual service. Expect more.

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