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The LinkedIn dilemma every coach faces (and how to fix it)

When did you last post on LinkedIn?

Last week?
Last month?
Or even longer?

If you’re like 99% of the coaches and consultants I talk to and work with, you’re not posting enough content.

And the reason is always the same:

They don’t know what to write about, so they end up posting nothing.

I’ve been there.

That ever-present worry that it takes years to build your reputation, but just one bad post to potentially ruin it.

Playing it safe seems like the only option, right?

But here’s the bad news.


Not posting often enough means:

  • You’re virtually invisible on LinkedIn
  • You’re not building the “know”, “like”, and “trust” factors
  • You’re creating more space and attention for your competitors

Now, go back and read that list again.

Let it really sink in.

Your ideal clients are on LinkedIn looking for solutions to their problems and the right people to help them.

They might not be scrolling the feed every day.

But when they do log on, will they see your content and name pop up in their feed or your competitor’s?


The reality is, the coaches and consultants who stay top-of-mind by posting regular high-value content are the ones who are getting all the lead enquiries in their inbox (from your ideal clients).

So, let’s get past this roadblock of not knowing what to post.

Once you master your content strategy, you’ll stay top-of-mind with your ideal clients and position yourself as the go-to option when they’re ready to take action.

And it’s easier than you think.

A successful content strategy only needs two types of posts:

  1. Content that captures attention
  2. Content that converts 


Content that captures attention

This type of content must make your prospects FEEL something.

Tap into their:

  • Worry, by putting words to the problems they’re experiencing
  • Fear, by shedding light on the mistakes they’re making
  • Desire, by showing the steps it takes to reach their dream outcome


Content that converts

This type of content needs to make your prospects BELIEVE something.

Evoke their:

  • Trust in you to expertly guide them from “here” to “there”
  • Confidence that finding the right solution isn’t beyond them
  • Certainty that your offer is the best option for them


Just reading through these lists has likely kicked your brain into gear.

Don’t lose a single idea!

Go grab a pen and paper right now. Or pull up a notes app on your phone. Jot down any ideas, stories, or examples that come to mind.

Even the simple stuff.

It might seem basic to you, but it’ll be a breakthrough for your audience.


However, creating content that captures attention and converts is not the end of the story.

A successful content strategy needs one more vital ingredient.

And that’s consistency.

I’ve put this in bold because I cannot stress it enough – you must show up regularly!

No matter the size of their problem or network or budget, prospective clients will reach out to the coach or consultant who’s top of their mind. 

No one will remember you from something you posted last month.

Once a week is not enough either.

It’s a start.

But set a target to build up to (at least) three or four posts a week.

This’ll be a piece of cake with your new simple strategy of focusing on content that either captures or converts.



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