The ONE farming secret that’ll transform your marketing

My grandfather was a farming legend.

He started turning soil in his teen years, in the late 1930’s. And quickly proved he had a knack for reading the seasons and growing any vegetable crop.

Even when he passed away at 100 years young, his home veggie garden was lush and abundant. Raspberries, broad beans, and other green delights.

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit his green thumb.

But I did learn the essence of his approach – a mindset straight out of the fields that’s infused itself into my marketing.

I call this my “farmer mentality”.

Understanding that there’s a season to sow and a season to harvest.

And it’s something I regularly remind my coach and consultant clients about.


Organic marketing strategies can sometimes deliver quick wins. But it’s the build-up of simple marketing actions over time that creates the ongoing results you want.

→  Audience-building brings ideal prospective clients into your world
→  Natural outreach opens and nurtures conversations
→  Valuable, optimised content keeps you top of mind
→  An education-focused sales method avoids the need for selling
→  Initiating strategic partnerships broadens your reach and impact

Together, these actions work harmoniously to drive new leads reliably and without much effort.

However, my farming analogy doesn’t end there.

Because just like my granddad would shift gears through the farming seasons, I realised our businesses have these cycles too.

Different phases that need different strokes.

If a farmer ignores the seasons, costs inevitably rise, and crops will fail.

Same thing happens in business.

Those who ignore the natural cycles in their business will struggle more than the rest. But if you can read the seasons, you’ll always be ready to seize the next opportunity.

Here’s how to get it right…



When everything is fresh and full of potential.

In business, this means new beginnings and budding ideas.

You might be starting a new business venture, pivoting your existing focus, or aligning with a new niche.

Spring in your business is your chance to take risks and sow the seeds of growth.

This is the best time for evolving ideas and creating or launching a new service offer. Reflect on your current business situation to see what’s working well and what might need tweaking. And reach out to your trusted network to explore untapped opportunities.



These are the sunny days of abundance.

In business, this means your marketing efforts are yielding great results.

You have a steady stream of ideal leads coming from your strategic mix of marketing actions. And you easily convert many of them into new clients.

Summer in your business is all about basking in your success but also leveraging that success to create new opportunities.

This is a period of accelerated growth and increased visibility. It’s the perfect time to focus on building your personal brand, expanding your network, and maximising your exposure through content, speaking gigs (including podcasts), or collaborations.



When nature moves into a state of transition.

In business, this means things are quietening down or transitioning.

You might be juggling extra demands outside of your business. Or discovering that your current systems aren’t serving your business as well as they once did.

Autumn in your business is when you prioritise self-care and self-development.

This phase is an ideal time for reflection and preparation. It’s an opportunity to review your goals, reassess your strategies, and refine your position and offerings. If your leads have slowed down, embrace the extra time you have by upskilling and nurturing existing client and network relationships.



Nature takes a breather, preparing for the next growth cycle.

In business, this means you’ve hit a challenging (but temporary) slow period.

You’re not generating a reliable flow of leads or converting clients at the same rate, leading to an unstable feast-or-famine cycle in your business.

Winter in your business is when your patience and resilience will set the stage for a strong upturn.

It’s crucial to remember that winter serves a purpose. Embrace this hibernation phase by focusing on your internal operations, refining your long-term strategies, and staying consistent with your marketing actions.


Over to you – which season is your business in right now?

Now, here’s my biggest tip.

Rather than bemoan a slow phase, remember that each season provides valuable insights and opportunities for growth.

So, as things quieten off over the festive break, use the time to think how you can leverage your current business phase to drive more success in 2024.

It’s what my grandad would do on the farm during fallow times.

And it’s what I now do in my own business.


Hi, I’m Lea (like tea) Farrow

I’m a marketing strategist and SEO copywriter based in beautiful Tasmania, Australia.

Over the years, I’ve focused on all things written. But after recognising that savvy copywriting and smart SEO are only two pieces of a larger marketing puzzle, I changed gears.

I now work with coaches and consultants to develop marketing strategies that save them time and bring in more of their ideal clients – reliably and easily.

Even better, we can do this without paid ads, complex tech, or a big team.

Sound good?

Get in touch to find out how.

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