The REAL reason your marketing matters (and it’s not money)

Why do you market your business?

No, that’s not a trick question.

If you’re like most people, you’d likely say the point of marketing is to get more clients for your business. Or to boost your revenue.

But if these are your answers, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Makes no sense, right? Then let me explain.

Firstly, running your own business means bringing in new clients to generate the revenue that keeps things afloat. Otherwise, there is no business.

So, we can both agree that you need your marketing to work.

But didn’t I just tell you it’s not about getting more clients or money!?

Here’s where we hit rewind. Because, if you’re anything like me, you didn’t start a business only to set targets and balance books.

It runs much deeper than that.


You started your business because you have a purpose to fulfil, and a burning ambition to use your skills to help others.

This is why you took a leap of faith and started your business.

You get so much satisfaction from helping your clients achieve a lasting transformation. But that’s only part of the story.

You’ve come to realise that your business serves you, too.

So, while your marketing forms the actions that will attract new leads and generate more revenue in your business, it actually plays a more significant role in your personal life.

And it’s this vision that underpins everything.


You need your marketing to work…
So you never again have to be someone else’s employee.

You need your marketing to work…
So you can take an extra week or two off over the summer, just because.

You need your marketing to work…
So you can focus on the tasks you love most and those that create the biggest impact.

You need your marketing to work…
So you can spend your weekends making memories with your kids or fur babies or friends.

You need your marketing to work…
So you have the freedom to say ‘no’ to any prospective clients who won’t be a dream to work with.

You need your marketing to work…
So you can use debt to your advantage, mining the opportunities rather than it holding you prisoner.


Here’s what I’m getting at.

When you look beyond the business tasks and targets, you see that getting your marketing right will have a huge influence on your life.

But you know the best part?

When your marketing is working well, you stop worrying about client figures and start enjoying the end results.

And that feeling is everything.

So, my tip for you today is to check up on your marketing mindset.

Try not to look at your marketing as ‘just another tedious task’ on your to-do list. Because it alone holds the power to make your business thrive so it can support you to live life on your terms.

And that means you won’t have to sacrifice your happiness and freedom to reach your goals.


Hi, I’m Lea (like tea) Farrow

I’m a marketing strategist and SEO copywriter based in beautiful Tasmania, Australia.

Over the years, I’ve focused on all things written. But after recognising that savvy copywriting and smart SEO are only two pieces of a larger marketing puzzle, I changed gears.

I now work with coaches and consultants to develop marketing strategies that save them time and bring in more of their ideal clients – reliably and easily.

Even better, we can do this without paid ads, complex tech, or a big team.

Sound good?

Get in touch to find out how.

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