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Here’s the secret top coaches use to overcome price pushback

There’s no worse feeling than getting to the end of a call with a prospective client and hearing:

“It costs too much”
“Your rate is too high”
“So and so charges half that”
“I don’t want to spend that much”
“My budget just won’t stretch that far”

Your first thought is usually: There’s another sale lost.

Which means you’re probably starting to seriously question your rates.

After all, you haven’t been getting as many clients as you’d hoped.

If things don’t pick up soon and you start signing new clients, your business might not survive another quarter.

But before you lower your prices in an attempt to win over more clients, hear me out – because discounting or price cutting is the worst thing to do in this situation!

Here’s why.

In most cases, when people say some version of “it costs too much”, they’re not actually talking about your price at all.

What they’re actually saying is:

“I don’t see the value in what you have to offer me”
“I can’t see myself in this story of transformation”
“I’m feeling rushed with this decision and need more time to think about it”

And this isn’t a pricing problem.

It’s a sales problem.

So, instead of dropping your rates, the answer to getting more clients is improving your conversation rate by fixing your sales process.

Now, I know that the idea of sales often gets a bad rap.

But sales isn’t about pushing people to buy something they don’t need with money they don’t have.

Rather, selling your offer should be based around a demonstration of value.


Your sales process needs to take each prospect through a journey that allows them to make an educated decision about whether your service is right for them.


Here are the 4 must-have elements of a sales system:
(and how to apply them)


1. You need to position your prospect in a story of transformation

Start by finding out their biggest challenges, the outcomes they want to achieve, and why it’s important they overcome these challenges.


2. You need to introduce some new information

Explain how they can solve their problems. Then show them the gaps in their current situation that are stopping them from reaching their goals.


3. You need to demonstrate the value and outcome of your offer

Position your offer as a high-value package or program that addresses all their challenges and gives them the outcomes they’re looking for.

4. You need to give your prospect time to process all the details

Don’t push for an answer on the first call. Instead, send them the full details of everything you covered and book a follow-up call.


But here’s the catch.

You can only develop an effective sales system like this when you know – and I mean really know – your dream client, and have built a signature package for their exact challenges.

If you’re trying to sell multiple different services,

Or if you’re trying to push a general offer out to the masses,

Then you’ll always struggle to attract and convert the type of clients you actually want to work with.

On the other hand, when your sales system is designed with your dream clients in mind, it will never feel pushy or ‘salesy’.

Plus, you’ll see your conversation rate jump up too.

Yep, it’s the ultimate win-win scenario.



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