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Need a savvy copywriter for your website to attract more attention and boost your bottom line?

No matter if you’re just starting your small business or giving your website a revamp, quality content and a clear message is essential.

After all, it’s the words on your site that get people to buy.

Your website content needs to explain your business, sell your benefits, set you apart from competitors, and, above all, engage your customers.

But, when you’re not a website copywriter, writing your own website copy can be tough.

Either your message is confusing, you don’t have the time, or you struggle to express how great your product or service really is.

That’s why I offer website copywriting packages, which take the pressure off you to DIY.

There are so many website copywriters. Why choose me to write your website copy?

•  I’m an experienced copywriter and SEO consultant for websites and more, who loves working with small businesses.

•  My specialties are website and SEO copywriting.

•  I can simplify your message and draw customers right into the heart of your brand.

•  My clients love my work and love saying so.

•  I’m reliable, efficient, and easy-going. And I write copy that’s delivered on time, on budget, and on-brand.

Website copywriter and website writer who offers affordable copywriting for websites and website copywriting packages in Tasmania and Australia

Are you feeling content-confused?

You’re not the only one.

Most people use their website as a digital billboard, focusing on cute images and clever designs.

Cute, charming, and clever is great, but not at the expense of clarity.

That’s why, with every website copywriting package, I always begin with a deep dive into your business to get to know your target audience and draw out the best language.

After all, that’s my job as a website writer.

It sounds complicated. But I promise I’ll make the whole process easy and stress-free.

The result?

Clear and consistent messaging that your customers need to hear from you so they’ll buy.

Don’t waste another day with confusing content.

Get started now.

Website copywriter for websites and writer for website copywriting packages in Tasmania and Australia

Wondering how a website copywriter (or content writer) can help your business?

After all, you know your business inside and out. Doesn’t that make you the best person to write your website content?

The reality is, writing the details isn’t the same as selling a solution.

After writing plenty of successful websites, I know you’ll get a lot of value from working with a copywriter for your website if you:

✓  Want your website to be more engaging so more visitors take action

✓  Are not sure how to distill your business message into clear language

✓  Wish more of your ideal customers or clients could find you online

✓  Don’t have enough time or know-how to write your own content

✓  Are trying to remain competitive in the online marketplace

Website copywriting success stories


My expectations were exceeded as Lea effortlessly found the voice I’d been searching for, giving my website and social media the tone I could never give it myself.

When I started my journey as a business owner, I’d never used a copywriting service before. Lea instantly put me at ease, getting to know myself and my brand inside out, by taking the time to listen.

I believe the right words only come from a true place – and Lea found it with ease. From now on, Farrow Copywriting is my secret weapon. Thank you, Lea. You make me look good.

Ebony Gamble
Founder and Artist, ebony artPlay
Erica Jeffrey tm

The process was so simple: Lea had me fill out a form and then she just whipped it all up! I’m sure it was more complex behind the scenes, but for me, it was such an easy process.

I cannot express how amazing it was to work with Lea on the copy for our website. My business was in its 10th year, so I decided to give the website a much-needed refresh, and I was very lucky to be able to work with Lea and have her assist me in generating the written content.

The process was simple: she had me fill out a form and then from there she just whipped it all up! I am sure it was more complex behind the scenes, but for me, it was such an easy process.

When you have been working in your business for so long it can be hard to take a step back and look at it from your customers’ perspective, so it was so beneficial to have someone else write up what I was finding hard to get into words.

I have had so many comments on how the words on our website speak to our clients and they feel a connection, which is over and above anything I could have hoped for. From my jumbled mess of ideas and information to really portray what we do and how we want to be known – Lea truly nailed it.

I’ve recommended Lea as a website copywriter several times to my own clients and have no hesitations sharing her name. I look forward to working with her on many other projects!

Erica Jeffrey
Owner, The Island Creative

Ebb Draws tm

Lea provided me with compelling website content that tells my business story simply and elegantly. She was super efficient and prompt and I would highly recommend her services.

Elizabeth Braid
Artist, Ebb Draws

Devonport Hockey Club testimonial

Our old website needed an overhaul and we chose Lea to rebuild the site and write all the content for us. We found working with Lea to be really easy. She was very organised, helpful, and stuck to our timelines during the project.

The end result was better than we could have expected. Not only did she produce fantastic website copy for us, but she also provided some great ideas for improving the layout of our website.

Nicky Green
Committee Representative, Devonport Hockey Club

Website copywriting packages you can count on

I understand that no two businesses are looking for the same thing.

That’s why I tailor every project around your unique needs.

But to give you an idea of what’s included, here’s what you might expect with a 5-page website copywriting package (with SEO included):

✓  In-depth client questionnaire

✓  Up to 2 hours of project discussion time

✓  Industry, market, brand, and audience research

✓  SEO keyword research and mapping

✓  5 pages of SEO-friendly, solution-focused copy

✓  All SEO tags, such as title tags and meta descriptions

✓  Initial sample copy, plus 2 full rounds of revisions

✓  Proofreading

✓  FREE copy for your contact page

✓  FREE style guidelines

Pricing guide: 5 pages from $2990 inc. GST

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