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Your marketing is worthless without this one detail

Getting a grip on your marketing can be tough when you’re surrounded by so much marketing jargon.

A cryptic foreign language you can’t quite crack…

A/B testing
Call to action
Brand identity
Digital strategy
Conversion rate
Authority building

And this list’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Without a personal guide or years of training, it’s impossible to know which terms you need to understand and apply in your business and which ones you can leave to the big brands with 5 and 6-figure marketing budgets.

So, where does that leave you?

You know you need to market your coaching or consulting business to get enough clients in the door.

But the last thing you want to do is risk screwing it up and damaging your reputation.


First, let me reassure you that marketing is not rocket science.

(Even if it sounds a bit like it at times.)

But rather than tackle the whole gamut of marketing-speak, I want to help you start on the right foot this year by understanding just one marketing term.

It’s the one thing you must get right before anything else.

I’m talking about positioning.

In other words: WHO you help, HOW you help them, and WHY they should choose you over anyone else.

Overlooking your positioning means you’re neglecting the most fundamental part of your marketing.

It’s why your marketing feels so complex yet ends up sounding so vague.

And it’s the reason you struggle to attract enough clients.

Here’s what it boils down to:


Sloppy positioning
(no niche, wanting to serve “everyone”, and offering too many options)

= fewer leads and non-ideal clients


Sharp positioning
(clear niche, defined ideal client, and just one signature offer)

= oodles of leads and dream clients


So, let’s break down the key elements of your market position.

  1. WHO do you help?
  2. WHAT do you help them get/do?
  3. HOW do you do this?
  4. WHY should they choose you over anyone else?


The more specific you can be with your answers, the better.

Then, link them together in one or two sentences as your one-of-a-kind and highly irresistible positioning statement.

Here are four templates (with examples) for inspiration:



Supporting [your most valuable client] to get [the thing they want] so they can [have this awesome thing]

➡  “Supporting ambitious executive leaders get clear on their vision, recognise their true worth, and move into a meaningful career that inspires them every day”



Helping [your best client] get [the thing they want] without [this painful thing]

 “Helping coaches and consultants build powerful marketing strategies to easily (and reliably) attract and book ideal clients without burning money on ads or building complex sales funnels”



I make [your service] more [something appealing] by [doing this awesome thing]

➡  “I make business coaching more transformative by shaping personalised strategies for each founder’s central goals and challenges”



Now [your best client] can [do this wonderful thing] without [this common problem] with my [great offer]

➡  “Now startups can launch eco-friendly initiatives without the headache of navigating regulatory hurdles with my 1:1 environmental consulting services”


Once done, your positioning statement can (and should!) be used in all these places:

  • Your LinkedIn headline
  • Your website homepage
  • Your email signature
  • Your social media profiles

(You get the idea…)

Also, write variations of your main positioning statement for your LinkedIn banner and About section.

The result?

A strong backbone for your entire marketing strategy.

And a consistent and clear message across all online touch points that’ll attract more of your dream clients and compel them to take action.



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