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You’re blocking your own business growth (here’s why you can’t see it)

  • Lea Farrow

You might not be a cat person like me, but no one can look away when a cat forgets how to jump.

The sheer volume of cat-fail videos posted every day is all the proof you need.

We watch these videos and have a good old chuckle.

“Cats sure can be dumb,” we think to ourselves.

Then we scroll on by.

Never giving them another thought.

But – just sometimes – perhaps we should.

Because (as I often remind myself) lessons are usually found in the most unlikely places.

Yes, even crazy cat antics!


So, what does this have to do with you and your marketing?

Let me explain.

(because, like every valuable insight, it begins with a story)

After a rainy morning, my two cats shadowed me while I rescued forgotten towels from the outdoor spa area.

Naturally, I went in through the glass gate.

And the cats followed me in.

With the towels retrieved, I left and let the gate swing shut behind me while both cats were still poking about the wet decking.

The black cat saw a chance to come back inside with me a minute later. He deftly leapt over the glass fencing and ran to the house.

The tabby cat, however, was trapped.

She hadn’t seen her friend jump out a moment earlier.

And with the glass gate firmly latched, she saw no way out of the spa area.

Instead, she sat patiently, waiting to be rescued.

There was no physical reason the tabby couldn’t jump out. And I know she would’ve easily cleared the height.

Yet, for whatever reason, she didn’t see jumping over as an option.

She was trapped.

Not by the fence. But by her own mind.



It’s something I see in marketing all too often.

Business owners who are held back by what they assume is a rock-solid barrier to attracting more leads and growing their business.

They either don’t realise there’s likely a simple solution within their grasp.

Or they don’t acknowledge that it’s their own self-limiting beliefs that are holding their business back.

Just like my cat, they sit behind these invisible hurdles, assuming there’s no way around. 

Or hoping that some external power will come to their aid.


But how can you overcome these hurdles if you’re blind to them?

In other words, how do you spot the self-limiting beliefs that are hindering your business success?

Well, you need to start listening to your inner voice.

Because we all carry stories with us.

They shape our lives in all kinds of ways. They even define how we approach our businesses.

Some stories push you to greatness.

While others have the potential to bring everything to a grinding halt – crippling your marketing and stopping you from achieving the success you want.


With marketing, a closed mindset sounds like this:

“I only have enough time to post content once a week, so that’ll just have to do.”

“My type of clients aren’t on LinkedIn, so it won’t work for my business.”

“I’ll know I’ll never get enough leads without running FB ads.”

“My content isn’t generating enquiries, so I should switch to another social platform.”

“I prefer to get clients through word of mouth, so I don’t need to market my business.”

“I won’t DM people, they’ll think I’m too pushy and salesy.”

“I started an email list and sent emails a few times, but it hasn’t brought in any clients, so I won’t bother anymore.”

“I don’t want to post videos – it’s just not me.”

“I’m no good at marketing or tech stuff, so I’d rather just hire someone to do it all for me.”


These beliefs are your invisible barriers.

They’re holding back your self-worth as a business owner. And they’re holding back your business from the success you want.

It all boils down to one thing:

You can have results, or you can have excuses – you can’t have both.

But the good news is, no matter who you are or what stage your business is at, you can identify and overcome every last one of your limiting beliefs.

Just imagine what could happen if you did.

What could you achieve with your business if you let go of the stories you’ve always believed?



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