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Read testimonials about me, Lea Farrow Copywriter

My copywriting clients have the nicest things to say.

Read reviews and feedback about my copywriting, SEO services, and content writing by small businesses both here in Tasmania and right around Australia.

Deidre Dattoli tm

I would highly recommend Lea

Lea was professional, easy to work with and took the time to really understand what my needs were. I would highly recommend Lea.

Deidre Dattoli
Executive Trainer, Mentor and Keynote Speaker, Deidre Dattoli

Ebb Draws

Lea was super efficient and prompt and I would highly recommend her services.

Lea provided me with compelling website content that tells my business story simply and elegantly. She was super efficient and prompt and I would highly recommend her services.

Elizabeth Braid
Artist, Ebb Draws

Patrick Campbell

Lea helped immensely in working through this process with us to ensure our message was simple but clear. The result we achieved was very favourably received by all recipients.

I am delighted to provide a review on Lea of Farrow Copywriting. The organisation I represent had a story to tell to stimulate a call to action. But with an audience regularly swamped with emails and who simply skim most of what they receive, we faced a significant challenge.

Firstly, how to get recipients to stop, and then stimulate their interest in reading further? Having achieved that, how to get the message through to them and, most importantly, to respond to our call to action?

Lea demonstrated strong analytical skills in helping to select the most appropriate information to include and we were impressed with reasoning as to why to include or exclude particular information. The result we achieved was very favourably received by all recipients.

Through the whole process, Lea was a delight to work with and we would have no hesitation in recommending her to other parties looking for a switched on, professional copywriter.

Patrick Campbell
Director, Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group

Jo Speirs tm

Lea took the time to understand me and my business needs and produced usable keywords, phrases that will enhance my website and SEO.

She took the utmost care in refreshing my website content and I now have a much better understanding of SEO and how to best use the information she has provided.

Jo Speirs
Professional Editor & Proofreader, Nurturing Words

Devonport Hockey Club testimonial

Lea was proactive, had excellent communication and a thorough understanding of what we required.

Our old website needed an overhaul and we chose Lea to rebuild the site and write all the content for us. We found working with Lea to be really easy. She was very organised, helpful, and stuck to our timelines during the project.

The end result was better than we could have expected. Not only did she produce fantastic website copy for us, but she also provided some great ideas for improving the layout of our website.

I would highly recommend Lea to anyone looking for a great copywriter in Tasmania.

Nicky Green
Committee representative, Devonport Hockey Club

Jess FPS testimonial

Lea has been our go-to content writer for many projects over the past 2 years and she’s provided sensational copy every single time.

She definitely has ‘a way with words’ and goes above and beyond with what she delivers. As part of the school community, Lea’s written marketing material, correspondence with stakeholders, volunteer ads, submissions, and lobbying letters for our school. 

Lea always takes the time to understand our requirements and she’s easy to work with. She’s also a great communicator and meets every deadline, every time. 

Jessica Bennett
Fair Coordinator & Association Treasurer, Forth Primary School

R Green testimonial

Lea was an absolute pleasure to work with! She met our tight deadline and was friendly and very helpful. Highly recommended!

With just our professional photos, floor plan, our notes and a casual meeting, Lea was able to beautifully articulate the quality and attention to detail that we’d invested into our high-end home.

Her sales copy flowed well. It had the perfect combination of lifestyle story-telling and important facts and wasn’t at all flowery.

Literacy Tutor


Wonderful work on our club website.

Amazing job, Lea.

Kelly Wainwright
Devonport Hockey Club

Anonymous testimonial

Thank you for everything.

I have talked about Lea so much to other people. She literally helped me to give myself permission to be brave, so brave, but with focus and calm clarity to be best mum I can be to my daughters.

Lea’s words have had a huge significance in my daughters’ futures, and mine. Thank you!

A.M. (identity protected)

Anonymous testimonial

I came across Lea’s words when I was in dire need of a connection with those who understood the struggle, the inner turmoil I was going through, drowning trying to hold my husband up.

Safe behind the screen was daring enough, as much of Lea’s words I felt exposed me – How could this women I do not know, know the dance with the darkness I live in? So thank you for typing, thank you for opening up your world.

Lea created a community that didn’t require me to take a leap and expose what I was not ready to speak about, a community that instead made its way to me gently and reminded me I am not alone. Thank you.

B.W. (identity protected)

Anonymous testimonial

I read everything Lea writes, and it all helps so much.

When things go bad, my partner’s way of dealing is to completely shut me out. He doesn’t ignore others, just me. And it hurts a lot. Lea’s words help me to remember that he will come back.

Lea has helped me to be patient and understanding. And she reminded me that I need to take care of me too. Thank you!

H.D. (identity protected)

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